Wellington Müller Bujokas and the Love for Romanian Music

dsc03756It does not happen to me very often to make friends online, but when it does happen, eventually, I know that will be one important friendship. Such was the case with Wellington Bujokas, whom I had become acquainted with… on YouTube! Because of constantly uploading Romanian music on No14 Plus Minus’ YouTube Channel, I had grown quite a collection of musical works which constantly attracted attention and many people would write to me to ask for further information about one opus or another or to inquire how might they find scores.

Wellington had started commenting upon a work by Stefan Niculescu, the score of which I happened to have, and thus we had quickly become friends and started discussing topics from music to foreign affairs. To my great joy and surprise, Wellington knew a lot about the Romanian contemporary music, much more than my own fellow musicians from over here – but that is always the case with the passionate people – and Wellington loves contemporary music with a passion. I am truly happy to have met someone who loves and knows contemporary music in such a manner, without being a musician himself.

I was pretty amazed to find out he did not live far from Romania – in Moscow, where he was working – despite of being born and educated in Brazil. I told him about our major contemporary music festivals – SIMN and Meridian, and he decided to come attend the SIMN Festival in 2015. It was absolutely fantastic to meet in person and spend many hours discussing about music, composers and walk around the city in search of CDs, scores and Vinyl. He wanted to meet absolutely everyone and many other composers were thrilled to meet someone who was so passionate about our music.

Wellington Bujokas graduated in Social Communication and Journalism from the Federal University of Paraná, in Brazil.  Furthermore, he studied at the Diplomatic Academy of Brazil (Rio Branco Institute) for one year and a half. As he had studied the Russian language in Brazil, he was interested in working in Russian-speaking countries. For this reason, he looked for work in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Since then, he has been working as diplomat, first in Brazil (2011), then in Kazakhstan, in the capital city of Astana (2011-2013) and finally in Russia, in the Capital city of Moscow (2013-2017). He was in charge of cultural issues in Astana, but because of his love of music, he organized 20 concerts in Moscow, some of them presenting Romanian music.

As a diplomat, he is currently working on promoting the Portuguese language. He is also preparing a second book of poetry for publishing. The first was published in 2012. We are looking forward to reading them!

This is a very small portrait of someone whom I consider a truly great and wonderful person, who deserves so much more attention and exposure and all the help he can get in order to accomplish his mission – a mission which was not assigned by anyone other than his own passion and love of music, and I find this truly extraordinary. I wish there were more people like him even here, in our country which so lacks music promoters, agents and cultural managers. A truly important lesson can be learnt from my friend Wellington – that passion, good taste and determination can make any dream come true.

By his own means and efforts, Wellington has recently organized two concerts of Romanian and Brazilian music in Moscow. I applaud his efforts, may they be rewarded by much more than this small article.

Veronica Anghelescu


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